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3M Rear reflector Zebra 4-part tape type DG-3340-3342

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3M Rear reflector Zebra 4-part tape type DG-3340-3342

3M Rear reflector Zebra 4-part tape type DG-3340-3342

Item #: 4202655
JANコード: 4548623485270

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Material // aluminum, acrylic, polycarbonate dimensions // width: 282.5 x height: 135mm x 4 pieces, weight: 0.52kg
Surface treatment // Diamond Grade TM reflective sheet specification // ECE parts certification (ECE R70) certified product, zebra 4-split type, tape type (no hole)
JAN code: 4548623485270

[Product Introduction]
3M rear reflector. A tape pasting method that does not require holes in the rear bumper. Since there are no holes, the appearance is also refreshing.

3M rear reflector tape type paste
3M Rear Reflector Tape Type Pasting
* On the back of this product, two types of double-sided tape are installed, and it is a method of directly attaching to the rear bumper etc.

■ According to security standards, cargo vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 7 tons or more must be equipped with a "large rear reflector".
■ Production that satisfies the technical requirements of ECE R70 is mandatory for vehicles manufactured on or after September 1, 2011.
■ Install so that the zebra pattern is shaped like an figure of eight.
■ The trailer is a different pattern (frame type).

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