Tool box hinge

The tool box hinge is the part that connects the lid of the tool box to the main body. "Hinges" are sometimes called "choban" or "hinge", but they have the same meaning and all refer to similar parts.

Role and Structure of Tool Box Hinge

The tool box hinge not only connects the lid of the tool box to the main body, but also serves as a movable axis when opening and closing the lid. A hinge connects two metal plates with a single rotating shaft, and by fixing the metal plates to the tool box and the lid respectively, the metal plate rotates around the shaft, allowing the lid to open and close smoothly. is.

In the process of using hinges, problems such as loosening of fixing screws, deformation of the rotating shaft, and rusting may occur. You can use it for a long time by tightening the fixing screws, lubricating it regularly, and opening and closing the lid carefully.

Types of tool box hinges

At Yamada Body Works, flat hinges, which have an orthodox shape in which two metal plates are connected with one shaft, and single-winding hinges (flag hinges), which are metal plates, are separated on the lid side and the tool box body side. We sell hinges. The katamaki hinge is a hinge that can be pulled out and inserted, so it is ideal for making a detachable door.

There are hinges without screw holes and hinges with screw holes in the metal plate, and hinges without holes are basically installed by welding. Although it is possible to attach with screws by drilling holes, hinges with screw holes are recommended for tool boxes that cannot be welded, such as wooden tool boxes.

If you want to make your own tool box, storage, or door, or if you want to repair your tool box, we have many hinges with different features such as specifications, sizes, materials, right and left, so you can find the one that suits your purpose. Please choose one.

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