JB cab switch for Hino (4t/Large)

In order to operate the various mechanisms installed on the truck, the switches must be working properly. Switches that are used frequently are also consumables, so replace them as soon as you notice any discomfort. In this category, we carry in-cab switches suitable for medium and large Hino vehicles.

Hino truck switch replacement timing

Problems with the switch include poor contact of the wiring and malfunction of the switch operating part. If the switch fails, the mechanism will not be able to operate, resulting in a large work loss.

Therefore, if you notice any abnormality such as slow response when switching the switch, replace it immediately. Also, for switches that are used frequently, purchase replacements in advance before they break down.

How to choose switches for Hino trucks

The in-cab switches in this category are suitable for Hino Motors' large-sized "Profia" and medium-sized "Ranger" vehicles. However, the '17 Profia' and '17 Ranger' from 2017 are only compatible with the lower left and right upper positions of the steering wheel. Regarding the lower part of the audio and the lower part on the right side of the steering wheel, it is not possible to use the switch inside the cab for Hino (4t, large size). Please use genuine Hino Motors switches. You can check the compatible position from the product page.

However, do not forget to check the model year of the truck, as the shape of the switch may change when a model change or minor change is implemented.

Yamada Body Works handles various switches such as "work lights", "interior lights", and "signboard lights" for Hino trucks.

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