Fuel tank related parts

"Fuel tank related parts" is a category that summarizes various parts attached around the fuel tank of the truck.

truck fuel tank

A truck's fuel tank has different characteristics than a passenger car's. The size is relatively large, and large-sized trucks are equipped with large-capacity tanks of about 300 to 400 liters, and some trucks are equipped with multiple tanks. The fuel tank of the truck may be modified such as replacing it with a larger one than the standard equipment or adding more.

Unlike passenger cars, the fuel tank is fixed by tightening the tank on the stay with a band. Since the truck body twists slightly when turning a curve, this fixing method is adopted so that the twist is not transmitted to the tank and damaged.

What are fuel tank related parts?

Various parts are used around the fuel tank, and the following parts are sold in the "Fuel tank related parts" category of Yamada Body Works.

  • "fuel tank cap"
  • "fuel tank cock"
  • "Other fuel tank parts"

In "Other fuel tank parts", there are "stay rubber" that acts as a cushion material between the stay that supports the fuel tank and the tank, and "hose hanging hardware" for safely attaching the fuel hose. Depending on the application, all of them are indispensable parts, so please use them when repairing or expanding the tank.


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