fender related parts

This category includes various fenders such as "square fenders" and "round fenders", as well as tire peripheral parts such as "mud guard rubbers" and "mud guard stays" at the bottom of the truck body.

Advantages of installing fenders and mudguards

Important parts such as the engine, transmission, and fuel tank are placed in the lower part of the truck body. However, if dirt, pebbles, rainwater, etc. picked up by tires adhere to these surfaces, they will rust and deteriorate, shortening their lifespan. Also, if the momentum to roll up is strong, it may also damage the following vehicle.

By installing fenders and mudguards, you can prevent anything caught on the tires from flying around and around the truck bed.

Types and uses of fenders, fender accessory parts

Yamada Body Works handles two types of fender materials, "iron" and "stainless steel", and we also have a variety of fender sizes to match the size of your truck. The shape of the fender can also be selected from square, round, or dump type according to the specifications of the truck bed.

Stainless steel fenders are resistant to rust and suitable for trucks and dump trucks that mainly run on snowy roads. Iron fenders are vulnerable to rust and must be painted, but they are inexpensive and highly workable, so they are widely used.

Rectangular founders are used in various body shapes such as flat bodies, van bodies, wing bodies, and dump bodies. The size is also the most abundant shape, from 2t to 2t wide, 4t, and 4t extra ton vehicle. The round fender is a shape that is used in specially equipped vehicles such as tank trucks. The dump type fender is a shape mainly used for 4t dump. Unlike square fenders, the brim of the fender is slanted and features two beats (presses) to increase strength.

As parts attached to the fender, we have prepared EVA mudguards and anti-vibration metal fittings in sizes and shapes that match the size of the fender.


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