A reflector is a part attached to the exterior of the truck to indicate its presence to the surroundings. Because reflectors are essential for trucks to run safely, they are required by law to be installed.

What is a truck reflector?

A reflector is a component that reflects ambient light instead of emitting light like a light. The material is resin and is sometimes integrated with the combination lamp. Reflectors are sometimes called "reflectors," "reflectors," or "reflectors," but they all mean the same thing.

Reflectors for trucks are classified into four major categories according to their mounting positions: front reflectors, side reflectors, rear reflectors, and large rear reflectors. This category contains products other than large rear reflectors.

Laws on reflectors

Reflector type colour shape Vehicles with obligation to install
front reflector White non-triangular towed vehicle
side reflector orange non-triangular・Ordinary vehicles over 6 meters in length ・Towing vehicles that are ordinary vehicles with a length of 6 meters or less ・Towed vehicles that are ordinary vehicles with a length of 6 meters or less ・Motorcycles ・Pole trailers
rear reflector red・Non-triangular ・Towed vehicle is triangular all cars

Depending on the type and size of the truck, the reflectors that must be provided differ. If you do not have the necessary reflectors, it will be a violation and you will not pass the vehicle inspection.

In addition, since the color and shape are stipulated by law as follows, it is necessary to prepare them according to the standards.

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