Other truck goods

This is a category that summarizes various supplies that are indispensable depending on the use of the truck. In addition to truck parts, you can also order Yamada Body Works product catalogs.

Selling various truck equipment

The following items are available for sale in the "Other Truck Equipment" category.

  • "Truck Wheel Chocks/Pawls": Equipment to prevent trucks from moving on inclines when parked
  • "Outrigger base / platform": Boards laid to protect the asphalt of the road when using the outrigger
  • "Number frame": A frame for attaching to the license plate
  • "Sealant, Wax, Anti-Slip Tape": Items that can protect and improve the convenience of the truck bed
  • "Fire extinguisher-related parts": Boxes and stickers for storing fire extinguishers
  • “Product Catalog”: A catalog containing Yamada Body Works product information

Not only truck supplies but also "product catalogs"

You can order the "Yamada Body Works Catalog" for free, so please take advantage of it. Since it is a booklet version, it is possible to check product information immediately even at work sites where there is no internet connection, no PC or tablet.

There are two types of catalogs: regular catalogs that can be used in-house and commercial catalogs that do not include prices. Commercial use does not include the vendor's partition price, making it easier to present to customers.

It is recommended for those who want to immediately check product names, codes, prices, etc. during work, and who want a tool for explaining parts to customers.


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