Mudguard Stay/Stabilizer Bracket

Mudguard stays/anti-vibration brackets are parts that prevent tires from getting caught in the mudguard rubber and prevent the mudguard rubber from flapping due to wind pressure while the truck is running. It is recommended to purchase it as a set with mudguard rubber.

Mudguard stays/anti-vibration brackets are essential

Mudguard stays/anti-vibration brackets are essential for installing mudguard rubber. When installing, cut the mudguard rubber according to the size of the mudguard stay/vibration bracket and fender in advance. Next, attach the mudguard stay/vibration bracket to the horizontal joist with bolts, and tighten the mudguard rubber together. As such, mudguard stays/anti-vibration brackets and mudguard rubbers are generally installed together.

Types of mudguard stays/anti-vibration brackets

Mudguard stays/anti-vibration fittings are available in plated steel and stainless steel. Iron is cheap, but its weakness is that it rusts and corrodes easily. On the other hand, stainless steel is more expensive, but has the advantage of being resistant to rust and corrosion. Comparing the two, plated ones are more commonly used. Stainless steel is suitable for trucks that frequently run on snow-covered roads with snow-melting agents (potassium chloride, etc.).

Yamada Body Works has a lineup of mudguard stays/vibration brackets for 4t vehicles and large vehicles. Materials are plated iron and stainless steel. We also offer a framed version that is highly effective in suppressing the fluttering of the mudguard rubber due to wind pressure. Choose a mudguard stay/anti-vibration fitting that matches the size and purpose of your truck or fender.

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