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There are a wide variety of truck bed parts and consumable parts, so when purchasing, use the parts catalog to search for parts.

How to use the parts catalog

When using trucks for commercial purposes, there are many occasions when unexpected parts break down or new parts suddenly need to be installed. Therefore, in order to maintain the truck, it can be said that it is essential to secure a route where replacement parts can be obtained immediately.

The parts catalog is organized by truck parts and parts categories, so you can quickly find the parts you need. In addition, there are parts catalogs sold by manufacturers and those sold by parts dealers.

Parts sold by a manufacturer are listed only for those handled by the manufacturer, so if you want to know general-purpose parts or parts from a wide range of manufacturers, buy parts from a parts store.

Features of Yamada Body Works Parts Catalog

The parts catalog of Yamada Body Works is a comprehensive catalog that summarizes all the products handled by Yamada Body Works. If you read the QR code posted for each product with your smartphone, you can immediately place an order or get a quote, which is useful for arranging parts in an emergency.

In addition to "general use", there is also a "commercial use" that does not have a price listed, so the final price will not be known at the time of negotiations.

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