Fire extinguisher related parts

A fire extinguisher must be installed when transporting explosives or hazardous materials. Use fire extinguisher boxes or fire extinguisher stickers to safely store installed fire extinguishers.

The need for fire extinguisher boxes and fire extinguisher stickers

Normally, there is no obligation to install a fire extinguisher when transporting by truck. However, vehicles that meet the conditions stipulated in Article 47 of the Safety Standards for Road Transport Vehicles must be equipped with a fire extinguisher corresponding to the cargo being transported.

Specific examples include vehicles that transport hazardous materials, explosives, high-pressure gas, radioactive materials, etc., in excess of a certain amount. There is no size limit, but the extinguisher must be able to handle the ignited material.

The fire extinguisher installed in the vehicle must be able to operate normally even in the event of an emergency, so let's put it in the fire extinguisher box. Also, put a fire extinguisher sticker so that you can easily find the location of the fire extinguisher.

Types of fire extinguisher boxes and fire extinguisher stickers

The sizes of fire extinguishers installed on trucks are generally "10" and "20", and fire extinguisher boxes suitable for each size are on sale. In addition, there are two types of fire extinguisher boxes: “kamaboko type” and “horizontal type (slide type)”. Since usability changes depending on the mounting position, it is necessary to check whether it is suitable for the truck at the time of purchase.

Yamada Body Works handles fire extinguisher boxes of each size and shape introduced earlier. Besides that, we also sell "vertical" and "horizontal" fire extinguisher stickers.

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