Chain suspension, ventilator, slide 3-step step, lashing step, modom pull step, window frame

This category mainly summarizes the exterior parts of trucks. There are exterior parts for various purposes, so please attach them as necessary.

Selling chain hangings, ventilators, torii window frames, etc.

"Chain suspension" for hanging tire chains under the loading platform, "Ventilator" for ventilation inside the truck body storage, "Torii window frame (with glass) that secures rear visibility from the cabin and protects it from the load. )”, etc.

By attaching an "FRP ventilator cover" that fits the "ventilator opening and closing type", it is possible to prevent rainwater from entering the ventilator. By installing these exterior parts as needed, the convenience of the truck will be greatly improved, so please make use of it.

We also sell various steps such as modem, pull, step, etc.

Yamada Body Works sells steps such as "Modem Pull Step", "Stainless Steel Slide 3 Step Noboru-kun", and "Lashing Step Burling Type", which are convenient when getting on and off the truck.

The "Modom Pull Step" used to climb onto the cabin is an excellent retractable ladder that becomes a ladder when in use and can be stored compactly when not in use. When retracted, the thickness is only 60mm, so it can be attached to the torii without worrying about the width of the vehicle.

"Stainless steel slide 3-step Noboru-kun" is a product that assists getting on and off the cargo bed. In addition, the "Lashing Step Barring Type" is a newly developed step that can be attached to and detached from the tilting lashing rail, which is convenient when getting on and off the wing vehicle's cargo bed. When not in use, it is sized to be stored inside the cabin. In recent years, equipment that assists getting on and off the truck bed has been attracting attention as a way to prevent accidents from falling when going up and down the bed. Please consider safe operation and safety measures for trucks.

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