Is passed through the rope

A rope pass is a hole for passing a rope through the bottom of the tilting track, and is also called a "mouse hole". By passing the rope through and fastening the rope to the rope hook on the floor frame of the loading platform, you can secure the luggage to the loading platform.

Attach a frame to the edge of the hole for the rope loop

For the rope loop, a hole is drilled in the tilt, and a frame for the rope loop that conforms to the tilt specifications is attached to the edge of the hole. Since it is difficult to use the edge of the tilt that was cut when drilling the hole, attaching a frame for the rope loop has the effect of protecting the tilt and rope, improving usability and appearance.

The rope pass-through frame consists of two parts, and is structured so that it is sandwiched between the inside and outside of the hole drilled in the tilt. Depending on the use of the truck, having rope loops can efficiently secure and transport cargo.

Type of rope loop frame

There are circular and horseshoe-shaped rope loops. Since the horseshoe shape is open at the bottom, make a hole on the floor side of the tilting and attach it.

Choose an appropriate rope loop according to the tilt specifications, material, and hole size. Yamada Body Works sells rust-resistant and good-looking stainless steel rope loops, as well as standard and inexpensive iron-made plated rope loops, so they can be installed on many trucks.

In addition, we also sell "spacers" to fill the gap between the rope frame and tilting for horseshoe-shaped rope loops that are mainly installed on aluminum blocks. By using a "spacer", the appearance of stainless steel will not deteriorate when riveting the upper part.

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