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Trucks are vehicles for transporting cargo, so hooks are used in many situations. There are different types to choose from, such as hooks for securing cargo, hooks for securing sheets to cover the loading platform, and hooks for towing vehicles.

Hook type

Even if you say hooks in one bite, the purpose and shape differ depending on the type. Yamada Body Works offers a wide variety of hooks such as:

  • rope hook
  • dump hook
  • trailer hook
  • D hook
  • rotating hook
  • ferry hook
  • Separate hook
  • tow hook

Rope hooks are the most commonly used. This is mainly welded to the inside of the floor frame of the cargo bed. As the name implies, it is a product for securing cargo to the cargo bed by hooking ropes, belts, and hooks. There are various shapes depending on the specifications of the floor frame and the mounting position, and the thickness is 9 mm, 12.7 mm, 16 mm, and 18.5 mm.

There is also a type of rope hook called dump hook, which is shaped like the hiragana letter "tsu" and is mainly used for dump trucks. The main material is iron, but we also offer rust-resistant stainless steel. You can choose products that match the specifications of the truck bed.

In addition, there are rotating hooks mainly for hooking the rubber of the sheet that is hung on the loading platform, ferry hooks for fixing the truck to the ferry, wire hooks that are installed on the torii and hang wires, etc., and the loading platform floor of the loading vehicle. Hooks for all purposes, such as a separate hook that is installed on a surface to fix the load capacity, a partition fixing hook that fixes the partition veneer inside the wing car storage with rubber, a tow hook that is used when towing a vehicle. are in stock.

When choosing a hook, choose the strength that matches the intended use.

Truck hooks vary in appearance from completely different to very similar in shape, but they are used differently depending on their strength. It is especially dangerous to attach weak hooks to large trucks and trailers that often carry heavy cargo.

At Yamada Body Works, from 9mm thickness used for small dump trucks, etc., to 18.5mm thickness for large truck class, and 20 to 35mm thickness trailer hooks used for trailer trucks, we have various types of cargo to be loaded. We have products according to weight. Choose a product with suitable specifications.

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