switch, alarm, buzzer, pilot lamp

This category is a collection of detailed electrical parts for trucks, such as "switches", "alarms", "buzzers", and "pilot lamps".

Selling various switches and pilot lamps

Trucks have a lot of electrical equipment, so they tend to have a lot of switches to operate. Yamada Body Works sells "Toggle Switches" for switching the circuits of electronic devices and "Niles Door Switches" for detecting the opening and closing of doors.

A pilot lamp is a lamp for checking the energized state of an electronic device. You can determine whether the electronic device is operating by turning the light on when the power is on (switch ON) and off when the power is not on (switch OFF). It is difficult to see the operating status of electrical equipment used outside the vehicle while driving, so installing a pilot lamp will make it easier to check.

Alarms and buzzers essential for truck safety

Trucks have many blind spots while driving and the cargo bed opens wide, so drivers are always required to be safe. Yamada Body Works sells alarms and buzzers that help with safe work.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced that from 2023, it will be mandatory to install a backing alarm that notifies the surroundings of the backing up of trucks and buses. Newly registered vehicles (including second-hand vehicles) are eligible, but some truck-related businesses also want to install them on existing vehicles due to increased awareness of safe driving.

Yamada Body Works offers a wide range of alarms, from standard single-sound back-up alarms to back-up alarms that can reduce the sound in residential areas at night, and voice alarms that can provide voice guidance. The DENSO Voice Alarm can notify pedestrians and others of the movement of the vehicle while driving with sounds such as "piro piro piro, turn left. Please be careful" and "I will back up. Please be careful. beep beep". Is possible.

We also sell "Electronic buzzers for vehicles" that can be used in a wide range of applications, such as warning buzzers for wing trucks, dump trucks, and specially equipped vehicles.

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