Door-Kannon door related parts

This is a category for parts related to rear doors and side doors of the cargo bed. In addition to hinges and lock-related parts for double doors, we also sell hinges and gas springs for side doors and flip-up doors.

Double doors used in many rear doors

A Kannon door is a type of door that opens from the center to the left and right, and the left and right door ends are fixed with hinges and are characterized by rotating to open and close. The Kannon door is not only used for trucks, but also because the door of the zushi, which originally housed the statue of Kannon Bodhisattva, has such a shape.

The double door has a wide opening, making it easy to load and unload cargo, so it is used in many rear doors of trucks such as panel vans and wing bodies. There are many doors that can be rotated 270°, and the mainstream ones are those that can be fixed along the body.

The rear door is generally a two-door double door, but there are various door shapes depending on the truck application, such as three-door and four-door types and flip-up types.

Selling related parts for double doors and flip-up doors

Yamada Body Works sells many "door hinges" with different sizes and shapes to suit various truck door specifications.

In addition to hinges, there are related items such as "handle set" for fixing the double door when closed, "handle lock" for fixing the handle with one touch, and "door stopper" for fixing the open door. I have the parts.

In addition to double door parts, you can also purchase flip-up door parts such as "JB Al Hinge II", "Polyall Hinge", and "Kayaba Gas Spring/Gas Damper". "Kayaba Gas Spring/Gas Damper" is a replacement for "Tokiko Gas Spring/Gas Damper" which is no longer in production.


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