Marker stay, vehicle height light stay

This category summarizes "marker stays" for attaching marker lamps to vehicles. We have many marker stays with different shapes and materials. In addition, for "High light stays", we handle high light stays that match the specifications of the loading platform to be installed, the hole pitch of the high light, and the shape.

Roles and types of marker stays

A marker stay is a metal fitting for fixing a marker lamp to a vehicle. The marker lamp is fixed to the marker stay using bolts and nuts. The marker stay has holes for wiring and bolts, so you can attach the marker lamp as it is.

The types of stays handled by Yamada Body Works include the "L type" that is bent at 90 degrees, and the "crank type" that is bent at 90 degrees in two places, and can be selected according to the position where the marker lamp is installed. Marker stays are also sold as stainless steel marker stays, which are resistant to rust, as rainwater from tires may splash on them.

Roles and types of vehicle height light stays

The vehicle height light stay is a product that is attached to the upper end of the front or rear of the truck mainly for dressing up. Since it is a stay that can be attached to the triple specification of the car height light, it is possible to make the truck stand out more.

The vehicle height light stays handled by Yamada Body Works are divided into two types depending on where they are installed. If you want to avoid the step when attaching to the corner casting (corner cover) part of a wing car or aluminum van, please select "stepped". Choose "Straight" if you want to attach it to a completely flat surface.

In addition, depending on the car height light to be installed, it is further divided into three types: "For RS013", "For RS014/JB406" and "For Polarg". There are holes in the car height light stay that match the mounting pitch of each car height light, and there is also a loophole for wiring.

Please select the vehicle height light stay according to the specifications of the truck bed to be installed and the vehicle height light to be installed.

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