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The tilting opening and closing auxiliary device is a device that facilitates opening and closing the heavy tilting on the bed of the truck. This is a category that summarizes the repair parts for Sanko Kiki's Power Rack and Mitsubishi Steel's Excellent, which are among the tilting opening and closing auxiliary devices.

Tilt opening and closing auxiliary device is fragile

The tilt opening and closing assist device is a device that assists the opening and closing of the tilt with the force of a spring. In addition to reducing the burden on workers when closing heavy gates, it also reduces the momentum of opening gates, helping to reduce the risk of injury.

The tilt opening and closing auxiliary device can withstand a large amount of force on the order of tons when the tilt is open. If there is rattling or looseness in the tilt opening/closing auxiliary device due to aging or wear, it must be replaced.

In addition, the tilting opening and closing auxiliary device is a product that is easily broken if it is caught in an accident while driving or handling cargo. Carrying out cargo handling work with a damaged tilting opening/closing auxiliary device may lead to serious work-related accidents. If it is damaged in an accident, it must be replaced immediately.

Types of tilt opening/closing auxiliary devices

Yamada Body Works handles power rack main bodies and main body and spring set products for maintenance and repair. We also have excellent main bodies and springs that can be combined with different strengths for repair and repair. When repairing or repairing each product, the model number of the product is attached as a sticker on the side of the power rack or excellent body, so please check it before choosing.

When choosing an excellent spring, please measure the thickness of the spring accurately with a vernier caliper. The thickness is slightly different between the ends of the spring and near the center, so measure near the center.

Please note that excellent springs cannot be selected by color or appearance. Also, please note that the power rack is sold as a set of the main body only or the main body and the spring, and we do not sell the spring alone.

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