floor frame hook

The floor frame hook attached to the floor frame of the truck bed is used for hooking the ropes, belts, and hooks used to secure the cargo. By fixing the luggage, it prevents accidents such as collapse of cargo while driving.

Various types of hooks and how to use them

There are several types of truck hooks, the most common of which is the floor frame hook. Floor frame hooks, also known as U-bolt hooks, have a U-shaped or torii-like shape. When not in use, it is embedded in the floor and does not get in the way when working on the loading platform. When using, pull out the floor frame hook and hook a rope, belt, or hook on the U-shaped part to secure your luggage.

Various mounting methods for hooks

Welding work is generally not required when installing floor frame hooks. When installing the floor frame hook, drill two holes that match the dimensions of the hook in the floor frame of the loading platform. Pass the bolt part of the hook through the hole, install the washer from the bottom of the bed, and then fix it with a double nut. Depending on the product, the washer may not be installed. If you do not install a washer, the tensile load will be applied only to the nut and floor frame when securing a load, so be sure to install a washer on the floor frame hook for securing heavy loads.

Yamada Body Works offers "U-shaped" floor frame hooks with thicknesses of 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm. We also have a special washer for that size. You can choose products according to the size of the truck and the weight of the luggage.

In addition, we also offer 75mm and 100mm underneck lengths for the Torii type floor frame hooks, which have been increasingly used in recent years. Nuts are sold separately for "Torii type". Assuming installation with double nuts, please purchase 4 nuts for 1 "Torii" floor frame hook.

All of the "U-shaped" and "Torii-shaped" floor frame hooks handled by Yamada Body Works are slightly bent in the middle of the bolt part, so when using it inside the cargo bed, pull it out toward you. It's getting easier.

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