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When transporting dangerous goods, it is necessary to put up a "danger" mark of the specified size and type. There are strict standards for the "dangerous" mark, but within that range, various sizes and types are sold.

When it is necessary to attach the "Dangerous" mark

When transporting dangerous goods by tank truck or when transporting more than a specified quantity of dangerous goods by truck, a "DANGER" mark must be placed in an easily visible position on the front and back of the vehicle. According to the Regulations on Dangerous Goods Regulations (Articles 17 and 47), when transporting dangerous goods by tank truck, the size of the "Dangerous" mark is specified to be 0.3m square or more and 0.4m square or less. .

Also, when transporting by truck, the size of the "danger" mark is specified to be 0.3m square. Also, the "danger" mark must be in yellow letters with a reflective material on a black background.

Specifically, the criteria are as follows.

  • Dangerous goods moving tank (tank truck)・・・Danger sign size: 300×300mm~400×400mm
  • Vehicles (trucks) that transport other dangerous goods... Danger sign size: 300 x 300 mm

If an accident occurs while transporting hazardous materials, there is a risk of serious disaster such as fire or explosion. will do.

Types of "dangerous" mark signs

There are various types of danger mark signboards on the market, but when purchasing, you must check whether they comply with safety standards.

There are two sizes of danger mark signboards handled by Yamada Body Works, "300 x 300mm" and "400 x 400mm". We also handle "sticker type" and "magnet type" that can be pasted immediately, all of which are suitable for safety standards. Choose the one that fits your vehicle.

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