Side lamp/back lamp

This category summarizes "road shoulder lights (tire lights)", "reversing lights (back lamps)" and "auxiliary direction indicators (side flashers)".

What are side lamps and back lamps?

Side lamps refer to roadside lights (tire lights) and auxiliary turn signals (side flashers), and back lamps refer to reversing lights.

Back lamps that illuminate the rear of the vehicle in white when reversing and turn signals (side flashers) attached to the side of the vehicle are common lights that are also installed in passenger cars.

A roadside light is attached near the rear wheels of a truck and is a light that illuminates the oblique rear of the vehicle. The longer the truck, the greater the difference between the inner wheels (the difference between the positions where the front and rear wheels pass) when turning. or miss obstacles such as curbs. By installing a roadside light, you can prevent an entrainment accident.

Note that laws and regulations are involved in side lamps and back lamps

Vehicle lights such as side lamps and back lamps are subject to laws and regulations, so attention must be paid to installation methods and poor maintenance. Lights are regulated in detail by law, such as "brightness", "color of light", "area of lighting part", "number", "mounting position", etc. Therefore, lights that comply with the law must be installed correctly. .

For example, back lamps are included in important safety parts, and the following conditions are stipulated by safety standards. For trucks longer than 6m, the number of lamps must be 2 or 4, mounted symmetrically, the light color must be white, and the product must be ECE certified. Acts such as attaching a lamp of a different color to the back lamp are against the law. Install side lamps and back lamps in accordance with safety standards.

Driving a vehicle with poor maintenance is prohibited by law, so you may be penalized if you continue to drive with the lights such as the side lamps and back lamps burnt out or damaged. If you notice any abnormalities in the lights, repair or replace them as soon as possible.

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