switch in cab

This category summarizes the switches used in the cab of the truck and the parts required to install the switches.

Truck switches are consumables

Many switches are installed on trucks with various functions. Some switches for operating the bed are installed outside the truck, but many switches are installed inside the cab.

Especially for switches that are used frequently, there is a risk of trouble such as failure or damage due to frequent use, so it is necessary to prepare replacement parts as soon as possible.

If a switch fails, the mechanism behind it will not be able to operate.

truck switch type

Various types of truck switches are used depending on the mechanism to operate. For example, there are "push switches" that switch by pressing with a finger, and "seesaw switches" that switch by tilting one side like a seesaw.

There is an optimum switch depending on the mechanism to operate, so when replacing, choose the same type as the switch you removed.

Yamada Body Works stocks cab switches and switch mounting parts for major truck manufacturers in Japan.


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