floor hook (floor hook)

Floor hooks (floor hooks) are parts that are generally attached evenly to the left and right of the floor of the loading platform, and are used to hook ropes, belts, and hooks that secure cargo.

How to install the floor hook

When installing the floor hook, be sure to install it in a place where there is a horizontal joist because the floor board is hollowed out and fixed in the center of the horizontal joist. The following explanation is for wooden horizontal joists.

First, cut out the floorboard of the loading platform so that the dented part of the floor hook (bottom of the plate) can be accommodated so that the horizontal joists can be seen. Be careful not to cut the horizontal joists together when hollowing out the floorboards.

Next, cut the horizontal joist evenly with a chisel so that it will be flat with the floor when the floor hook is installed. In this work, the depth to which the horizontal joists are shaved differs depending on the thickness of the floor hooks and floorboards (in some cases it is not necessary to shave). Trace the edge of the plate of the floor hook on the floor board, and grind it evenly with a grinder so that the edge is slightly recessed from the floor surface.

Finally, drill holes in the horizontal joists to match the hole specifications for the floor hooks and secure them with bolts. Wooden horizontal joists shrink when exposed to moisture, so bolts should be secured with thick washers and double nuts. Also, when installing floor hooks on male and female floorboards, be careful not to place a reinforcing iron plate under the floor hooks or the floorboards will fall down.

As mentioned above, installing the floor hook is very difficult, and parts other than the floor hook are required, and welding may be required for reinforcement, so it is wise to ask a professional contractor.

Features and types of floor hooks

The feature of the floor hook is that it does not protrude from the floor when not in use and does not interfere with loading and unloading of luggage and work inside the cargo bed.

Floor hooks are suitable for securing cargo that fits well in the width of the loading platform and has a low center of gravity using a ratchet belt. Specifically, floor hooks are ideal for fixing long objects such as pipes and single pipes, stacked pallets and board materials. Conversely, it is not suitable for fixing long luggage that must be hung on the torii gate or luggage that is wide enough.

Yamada Body Works offers floor hooks for trucks ranging from 2t to 4t and large trucks, depending on the size of the truck and the thickness of the floor board. There is also a type with a thicker presser foot, which is suitable for use with heavy objects. However, please be aware that if the presser foot is thick for 2t vehicles, the presser foot protrudes from the floor and may damage the load after installation. If you want to use a wide inner width of the truck bed, please use the "flanged type" for products that have "flanged type" and "flanged type".

We also have stainless steel floor hooks depending on the size, so please use them for trucks that want to avoid rust as much as possible.

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