Stance guide (for transporting steel and timber), Toda-type wand (log log fixing device)

When transporting long loads such as wood or steel, install stanchion guides to prevent the load from collapsing. There are two types of stanchion guides: one for transporting wood and one for transporting steel.

How to use stanchions

A stanchion is a rectangular pipe-shaped partition post that is mainly attached to the side part of the loading platform of a trailer. Install with the stanchion guide. It may also be installed on wing cars, aluminum vans, and flat bodies. The stanchions cannot be removed while the cargo is being transported, as doing so will cause the cargo to fall or cause the cargo to collapse.

The stanchion is used by inserting it into the stanchion guide installed on the carrier. By installing stanchion guides in multiple positions, the insertion position of the stanchions can be changed according to the material to be transported. For example, in the case of a wing car, by installing it near the center, the luggage compartment can be divided into left and right and center. It can also be used to mix long luggage that rolls easily with other luggage.

Types of stanchion guides

There are two types of stanchion guides handled by Yamada Body Works, "for transporting wood" and "for transporting steel", so be careful when installing.

The stanchion guide for transporting wood has a round bar at the bottom of the body to prevent wood chips from clogging, and is designed to drop wood chips to the ground. In addition, the plate thickness for wood transportation is 6 mm, which is stronger than 4.5 mm for steel transportation. This is because, unlike steel, wood has an unstable shape, and wood needs strength to be stacked high and transported. In addition, in order to support high stanchions for transporting lumber piled high, two types of stanchion guides, 250 mm and 300 mm, are standard products, which are 50 mm higher than those for transporting steel materials.

Stanchion guides for transporting steel materials have a stable shape, such as square pipes and plates, and their specific gravity is large, so they are not piled high. increase. In addition, when transporting steel materials, the bottom of the main body has a round hole for drainage so that no wood chips are generated. For transporting steel materials, we have prepared a type with a stanchion guide of "50mm width" and a "staircase type" where the lid becomes a stanchion of 50mm width as it is so that the inner width of the loading platform can be secured as much as possible when using it on the side. increase.

Yamada Body Works also sells the "Toda Stick", which is an evolution of the stanchion and has a structure that allows you to fix and transport wood and drop wood with a single touch. Due to the soaring price of imported lumber, domestic lumber is being reconsidered, and the number of trucks equipped with Toda-style walking sticks instead of square pipe stanchions for domestic lumber transportation is increasing.

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