JB cab switch for Hino Dutro (2011-)

If the switch of the truck breaks down, the mechanism will not work, so if you notice something unusual, replace it as soon as possible. In this category, we carry in-cab switches that fit Hino's compact size.

Features of Dutro switches

The Dutro, a small truck that represents Hino, has switches concentrated in the center of the instrument panel so that the driver can operate it immediately. At first glance, the switches lined up side by side may all look the same, but the type differs slightly depending on the contact that operates.

So when purchasing a replacement switch, make sure it's the same type as the one you removed.

Dutro switch type

The in-cab switches handled in this category are compatible with Hino Motors' compact car "Dutro" since 2011 and compact car "Dyna" supplied by Hino Motors to Toyota Motor Corporation on an OEM basis. Since the Dutro/Dyna underwent a full model change in 2011 for the first time in about 12 years, the switch is marked "2011-". It does not fit the previous model Dutro / Dyna, so be careful not to purchase it by mistake.

There are various types of Dutro switches handled by Yamada Body Works, such as "wing", "tailgate", "work use", and "indoor use", but the basic structure uses a "seesaw type" switch. Also, when installing the switch, you will need relays and wiring, but these are available as in-cab switch parts, so you can purchase them together.

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