Rear reflector

When transporting by truck, attach a rear reflector to prevent rear-end collisions with vehicles behind you. The installation of the rear reflector is required by law. Rear reflectors come in a variety of specifications, sizes and shapes.

Install the rear reflector in accordance with safety standards

The rear reflector is installed at the rear of the truck and is an important safety component that has the effect of making following vehicles aware of the presence of the vehicle. Therefore, the rear reflector must be installed according to safety standards.

This category deals with rear reflectors intended for ordinary vehicles used for transportation of goods with a gross vehicle weight of 7 tons or more. The gross vehicle weight is indicated on the vehicle inspection certificate (commonly known as the vehicle inspection certificate). Gross vehicle weight is defined as gross vehicle weight = capacity weight + attached weight + maximum load capacity. Capacity weight is calculated by capacity x 55kg/person. (Example: 165 kg for 3 people)

The standards for rear reflectors differ between newly registered vehicles before September 1, 2011 and those after that.

Newly registered vehicles after September 1, 2011 (including second-hand newly registered vehicles that are re-registered after the deadline even if they were registered before the deadline) must be equipped with products that meet the technical requirements of ECE R70. The exterior of the new standard trucks and tractors has a zebra pattern, and this pattern must be installed in the direction of a figure of eight.

The appearance for the trailer of the new standard will be a picture frame type. Trucks and tractors cannot be attached to trailers. Of course, the opposite is also not possible.

Please note that old standard rear reflectors cannot be installed on vehicles newly registered after September 1, 2011. Conversely, vehicles registered before September 1, 2011 and still undergoing ongoing vehicle inspections can be fitted with the new standard rear reflectors.

Since the mounting direction and mounting position of the rear reflector are specified in detail, it is necessary to fully check whether it meets the safety standards at the time of purchase.

Rear reflector type

Yamada Body Works offers new standard rear reflectors with zebra patterns for trucks and tractors: 2-split type, 4-split type, and irregular 4-split type, and the "picture frame type" for trailers. For each installation specification, we handle standard rivet/screw type and tape type. In recent years, along with the increase in liftgate vehicles, the number of “irregular 4-split type” is increasing.

In addition, we handle the "integrated type" and "two-piece type" for the rear reflector of the old standard for repair.

Please select the rear reflector according to the year of the truck, the difference between trucks, tractors and trailers, and the bodywork specifications of the rear of the bed.

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