For JB cab switch Fuso (4t, large size)

If a switch breaks down during transportation, work will have to be interrupted, so frequently used switches need to be inspected and replaced. There are various types of switches, so be careful when purchasing. In this category, we handle switches in the cab that fit Fuso's large size (up to 2017), medium size (up to 2019), and small size (2002 to 2010).

Fuso truck switch features

Mitsubishi Fuso trucks are designed with low engine vibration and comfortable seats, making them suitable for long-distance transportation. The switches installed on Fuso trucks are generally of the seesaw type, and the shape itself is more rounded than other manufacturers, making it easier to operate intuitively.

Although the shape of the switch itself is the same, the notation on the switch body differs depending on the mechanism, so be careful when purchasing.

Fuso truck switch types

The switches in the cab handled in this category are compatible with Mitsubishi Fuso's large car "Super Great" model year up to 2016 and the medium size car "Fighter" model year up to 2019. In addition, by using the bracket for Generation Canter together, it is also suitable for 2002 to 2010 of the small car "Generation Canter".

"'17 Super Great" after the full model change in 2017 and "Fighter" after the minor change in 2019 are "Switches in the cab for Fuso large size (from May 2017) and medium size (from October 2019)" Please use Also, after the full model change in 2010, please use the "Switch in the cab for Fuso Canter (from November 2010)" after the full model change of "Bluetec Canter".

At Yamada Body Works, various switches such as "ON-OFF", "ON-ON", "ON-ON (stair type)" general-purpose switches, "work lights", "interior lights", "roadside lights", and "car width lights" are also available. We handle We also sell relays and harnesses required for installation.

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