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Doors installed in truck beds and containers often use double doors due to their cost, high degree of confidentiality, and ease of use. In order to safely and securely fix this door to the loading platform, it is necessary to install a handle set for the double door.

Requires special set of handles to open and close safely

Since the double door has a very large area and is heavy, opening and closing it while driving could lead to a serious accident. Therefore, you must install a handle set with excellent strength. In addition, since the door part is frequently opened and closed during transportation work, it is required to have excellent practicality, such as easy-to-grip handles and easy to open and close.

Handle sets for double doors, which require both safety and work efficiency, mainly use cam-shaped claws to firmly lock the top and bottom of the gate (also known as the gate frame, which is the frame in which the double door fits). method is adopted.

Choose the best handle set according to the size of the door

The hammer lock type handle has two types of cam claws: "1 claw" and "2 claws". In addition, there are various types of thickness of the pipe that passes through the handle. If you choose a handle set with a different pipe diameter, you will not be able to install it, so be sure to choose a pipe with the same diameter as the handle set.

Yamada Body Works offers handle sets with three types of pipe diameters: φ21.7, φ27.2, and φ34, and cam claws with 1-claw and 2-claw cams.

A handle set with a pipe diameter of φ21.7 is often used for the double doors of light truck containers. The handle set with a pipe diameter of φ27.2 is often used for the double doors of small to medium-sized trucks. In addition, handle sets with a pipe diameter of φ34 are often used for double doors on medium to large trucks.

For the side door installed on the side of the loading platform, there are circumstances where protrusions and protrusions cannot be raised, so there are cases where a handle set with a pipe diameter of φ21.7 is used.

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