Aori handle, chain hook, foot hook

This is a category that summarizes various products that can be attached to the periphery of tilts, such as tilt handles, footrests, and chain hooks.

The tilt handle is a part that fixes and opens and closes the tilt.

Aori handle (latch handle) has the same function as a spring pin. By fixing the tilt in the closed state and operating the tilt handle, the tilt can be opened and closed. It is characterized by being mainly used for the rear tilt of small trucks, medium trucks and large trucks.

It has a simpler structure than a spring pin, and is fixed by hooking an L-shaped metal rod to the receiver. The tilt handle is fixed to the tilt with a U-shaped bracket.

Yamada Body Works sells a variety of tilting handles with different shapes for the front of the side tilting and left and right rear tilting, and thicknesses of 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm. In addition, there is also a rotary tilting handle called a five-way swinging handle, which is used when a pillar is set up in the middle of the side tilting so that five tilts including the rear can be opened and closed.

Products such as foot hooks and chain hooks are also sold

Yamada Body Works has a wide range of tilting products, including "foot hooks" and "chain hooks".

A footrest is a step that is attached to the side of a tilting device. There are mainly two types: an embedded type that is embedded in an aluminum block and a ring-folding type that is installed on the frame of the cargo bed. It is a convenient part for getting on and off even in places where there is no space to install a ladder.

In recent years, safety management in cargo handling work has been emphasized, and some shipping companies install it to prevent falling from the loading platform.

A chain hook is a part for hooking a tilt chain (gate chain). It is mainly used for transporting cargo longer than the length of the cargo bed, with the rear tilting tilted halfway horizontally with the cargo bed. There are 1/2 inch chain and 3/8 inch chain, so you can choose the one that matches the thickness of the chain.

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