Other body parts

This category includes body parts such as "lashing rails," "airline rails," and "joroda," which improve transportation efficiency, as well as various parts that are installed on truck bodies, such as "spare tire carriers" and "muffler pipes."

Other body parts that improve the efficiency and safety of transportation work

In this category, although it does not belong to a specific category among our truck body parts, it is aimed at improving the efficiency of the transportation work of the truck bed, functionality, safety, and efficiency of the body work. We are collecting products.

Truck body parts not only increase transport efficiency, but are also indispensable for safe work. Depending on what is to be transported, multiple body parts may be used, such as fixing with a lashing belt to prevent the load from collapsing, or using Joroda to move a heavy pallet to the back of the loading platform.

In addition, stanchion guides and lashing rails are products that greatly help in fixing specific cargo to the carrier by installing them. ST lock (cargo lock) is a product that crimps materials together like a rivet and can be fixed without bolts and nuts.

Other bodywork parts come in various sizes and shapes depending on the purpose and application of the truck size and loading platform specifications, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

A wide variety of body parts

There are also companies that make custom-made body parts, but in that case, the cost will be high. Therefore, if you want to keep costs down even a little, it is recommended to select general-purpose products.

At Yamada Body Works, in addition to the bodywork parts necessary for transportation work, we also provide parts that make it easier to use the trucks that you normally use, such as "spare tire carriers" and "number stays for vehicle inspection". We also have the parts you need to make it compatible. Each part is divided into categories, so you can easily find what you are looking for.


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