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Yamada Body Works sells 4 types of tail lamp sockets. The types are divided into single and double, side attached and sideless.

What is a tail lamp socket

"Tail lamp socket" is a socket for inserting a light bulb attached inside the tail lamp (the red lamp at the rear of the vehicle that lights up when the small lamp is turned on). The socket not only holds the light bulb in place, but also serves as a contact point for the electrical circuit.

If the socket deteriorates over time, it may corrode with rust or burn the electrodes, and even if the bulb is not burned out, the socket may cause the tail lamp not to turn on. The tail lamp is a light that must be installed, so if it does not light up, please perform appropriate maintenance.

Difference between double and single tail lamp socket

There are two types of tail lamps, "double" and "single", depending on the vehicle model, and the tail lamp socket must also be selected according to the type.

"Double" is a lamp that combines a tail lamp and a stop lamp, and lights in two levels of brightness. In order to light both the tail and the stop with a single bulb, it features two filaments inside the bulb and two contacts at the tip. The socket also uses "double" according to the shape of the light bulb.

"Single" is a type in which the tail lamp and stop lamp are separated, and there is only one filament of the bulb and only one contact at the tip. Socket uses "single".

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