tail lamp

Tail lamps play an important role as important safety parts for preventing collisions and as parts that create the rear view of trucks. Be sure to install tail lamps that meet vehicle safety standards.

Importance of tail lights

Car tail lights come in various shapes and are a part that draws out the individuality of the car, but design alone is not enough. For trucks that are mainly used for commercial purposes, awareness of accident prevention is even more important.

Tail lamps play an important role in preventing accidents by signaling to drivers behind the vehicle and pedestrians that the vehicle should stop or turn. Therefore, tail lamps must be installed that comply with vehicle safety standards, such as ECE standard certified products.

LED tail lamps are becoming mainstream

Previously, most tail lamps used so-called incandescent lamps (light bulbs). However, since incandescent lamps have a short lifespan, if the bulb burns out while driving, it may not be possible to give a signal to the following vehicle and cause an accident.

However, in recent years, tail lamps using LEDs are often used. The LED has a long life and there is no risk of the bulb running out during operation. Furthermore, since the power consumption is low, the load on the battery can also be reduced compared to conventional incandescent lamps.

The tail lamps handled by Yamada Body Works are ECE standard certified LED tail lamps, tail lamps for repairs that cannot be used for newly registered vehicles, and other parts for repairs. It helps you drive safely while giving your car an elegant look.


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