Poison signs, nameplates and other signs

When carrying out transportation work with trucks or tank trucks, there are cases where it is necessary to install a designated display board. There are various types of display boards because they differ depending on what is being transported.

Case to install display board

When transporting items that could lead to a serious disaster in the event of an accident, display boards must be installed in accordance with the safety standards for the items handled. For example, dangerous substances are classified as “dangerous,” high-pressure gas as “high-pressure gas,” and poisonous substances as “poison.” You must inform the surroundings of what you are loading with these display boards and call attention to the cars around you.

When transporting poisonous or deleterious substances on a truck, the "Poison" mark must be placed in an easily visible position on the front and back of the vehicle. According to the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law (Article 13-5), the size of the "poison" mark is specified to be 0.3 square meters. Also, the "Poison" mark must be in white letters on a black background.

Specifically, the criteria are as follows.

  • Vehicles transporting poisonous or deleterious substances・・・Poison sign size: 300×300mm

In addition, there are things that must be installed other than the transportation of dangerous goods. For example, a vehicle equipped with a speed control device must have a “speed control device” signboard, and a kindergarten bus must have a “children’s bus” signboard.

How to choose a display board

Since the size, shape, and color of the letters are also specified for the display board, it is necessary to install a display board that matches that. When purchasing a display board, make sure it meets the standards.

Yamada Body Works sells "infant bus" and "with speed control device" display boards in addition to dangerous goods display boards. In addition, we also handle "over 20t" stickers that are installed on vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 20t or more, and "red flags" that are posted when the permitted loading limit exceeds the limit.

We also sell nameplates and nameplate cases. The nameplate is a product that allows the driver to be aware of safe driving while disclosing who is driving, as transportation companies are becoming more aware of safe driving.

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