Crimp terminals, sockets, fuses, trailer hose hangers

This is a category that summarizes the parts used when processing the electric wiring of trucks. We sell crimp terminals and terminal covers, fuses for large currents, and sockets and plugs for connecting trailer wiring.

What is a fuse? Explanation of roles and usage

Fuses are parts that protect electrical circuits. The inside of the fuse is designed to disconnect when an excessive amount of current flows, breaking the electrical circuit.

In normal use, there should not be enough current to blow the fuse. However, if a short circuit occurs due to unexpected mechanical loads, breakage of the coating due to deterioration over time, disconnection, or water exposure, a large current will flow and the fuse will disconnect. If there were no fuses, not only the electronics but also the wiring would all burn, requiring major repairs.

Yamada Body Works sells "MEGA fuse 100A to 250A" and "MEGA fuse holder". These products are fuses intended for relatively large currents, such as those found in the motors of hydraulic equipment such as power gates and wings. If you replace the fuse and it blows immediately, find out what is causing the high current flow.

Crimp terminals (bracket terminals) that are indispensable when connecting electrical wiring

Crimp terminals are essential when connecting electrical circuits. Crimp terminals are used to connect the wiring of various electrical components such as truck lamps and audio.

Crimp terminals have two types of terminals, male and female, and can be connected by simply attaching each terminal to two wires using a tool called electrical pliers. Crimp terminals are electrically conductive and will short if they come in contact with the body ground, so be sure to insulate them using a "crimp terminal cover" or "Denka satin tape". In particular, the wiring used outside the vehicle gets wet with rainwater, so it is necessary to firmly waterproof it with tape.

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