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ICL Co., Ltd., as an Isuzu Motors group company, has been engaged in the planning, development, and sales of truck supplies and accessory parts. Currently, the company name has been changed to Isuzu A&S Co., Ltd., and we continue to plan and sell "truck aftermarket parts" as before.

In this category, we deal with the former ICL LED tail lamps.

Features of ICL's LED tail lamps

Safety standards for tail lamps include "lamp color", "visible distance", "illumination area", "light source", "luminous intensity", and "mounting position". Those that do not meet safety standards will be charged with 1 violation point and a fine of 7,000 yen (9,000 yen for large vehicles) for faulty tail lamp maintenance.

ICL's tail lamp conforms to safety standards, so if you pay attention to the mounting position, you can pass the car inspection as it is. In addition, ICL's tail lamps used to be genuinely used in Isuzu's large and medium-sized vehicles, and have excellent design, visibility, and durability.

Types of LED tail lamps from ICL

ICL's LED tail lamps come in two shapes: round and square. In addition, there is an "embedded type" that is embedded in the rear of the loading platform and a "hanging type" that is suspended under the loading platform, so it is compatible with a wide range of trucks. Choose the right tail lamp for your vehicle. Please note that the "round" and "square" turn signals are incandescent lamps (light bulbs) and do not have a built-in back lamp.

At ICL, a full LED combination tail lamp sequential type has been released. The feature of this product is that in addition to the LED tail, stop, and taillights, the LED flowing blinkers and LED back lamps are built in to greatly improve the functionality. Please note that it is currently only compatible with Isuzu large vehicles (not tractors) from 2018 and Isuzu medium vehicles from 2021.

Yamada Body Works sells ICL tail lamps as well as "warning cancellers" and "connection harnesses". Please note that compatible products and combinations may differ depending on the model, year, and specifications of the vehicle to be installed.

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