Pipe bracket, hood receiving pipe, deck fitting

Use roof deck brackets, pipe brackets, and hood support pipes to attach the roof deck and seats to your truck. There are various types of roof deck brackets, pipe brackets, and hood support pipes.

How to use deck fittings

A roof deck may be attached to the flat body to store the seat in case of rain. The number of roof decks has decreased considerably due to the increase in wing cars. However, the versatility of flat-body transportation, which can carry long items, will not disappear.

The roof deck fittings handled by Yamada Body Works can only be used for cabins with old rain gutters. Insert the roof deck legs (made of square bars, etc.) into the rain gutters, and fix them by sandwiching the roof deck brackets and bolts between the roof deck legs and rain gutters.

The roof deck must be firmly fixed with fasteners so that it will not fall while driving. Reliable installation and periodic inspections such as looseness of bolts are necessary to prevent accidental dropouts.

How to use pipe brackets and hood support pipes

A pipe bracket is a part used to fix the seat to the side of the body or tilting with rubber. It is used for body specifications such as open vans and flat bodies. There are three types of pipe brackets, "for R", "for L" and "for through". It is necessary to use "for R" and "for L" at the ends of the pipe and "for through" at the center. there is. Also, it can only be installed with a bracket suitable for the diameter of the pipe.

The hood support pipe is a necessary part when mounting an open van or remodeling a flat body into a hood truck. In the case of an open van, the hood support pipe is embedded in the inner upper part of the side wall of the body to create a structure that allows the hood bar. When remodeling a flat body into a covered truck, a ladder-like structure called a balustrade is built with a covered pipe embedded. Install this on the tilt of the flat body and make it a structure to make the hood stick. Also, for blocks, it is a part used when mounting a hood on an aluminum block tilt. Make a hole in the aluminum block, insert the block hood holder, fix it with a rivet, etc. and install it.

Yamada Body Works handles large types of pipe brackets that are often used for aluminum block tilting, and small types that are often used for open vans for "R", "L", and "through". As for the hood support pipe, in addition to the normal "hood support pipe", we also handle "block hood support".

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