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Dump trucks play an active role at construction sites and civil engineering work, but after many years of use, parts of the loading platform need to be replaced due to rust and impact. If only small parts such as side gate locks or lower shafts are broken, it can be repaired by replacing only the broken parts.

Areas around the cargo bed that are used frequently and deteriorate quickly are easy to repair and customize.

Dump trucks are often used for transporting earth and sand, wood, industrial waste, etc., because they can unload cargo at once by tilting the loading platform. Therefore, the area around the loading platform is used most frequently and tends to deteriorate at the same time.

For example, the dump lower shaft and lower hook are the parts that always come into contact when opening and closing the rear gate. In addition, side gate locks and bolt removers are often used for opening and closing gates.

In addition, because it is a carrier that is used frequently, it is not uncommon for users to customize their own to make it easier to use than normal equipment.

It can be customized according to the purpose of use, such as adding a ladder to make it easier to climb, installing a shovel, or installing an intermediate metal fitting to prevent tilting from falling.

The dump intermediate bracket is a product that prevents the rear tilt from falling even when the dump truck is dumped up with the lock on the dump top support open. Genuine dump trucks may not have this function, so it is a very convenient product to have.

Yamada Body Works has two types, "for 2t, 4t" and "for large size". On rare occasions, there are customers who attach only one intermediate bracket in the center of a 2t dump truck. Please install it in two places from the viewpoint of strength and durability. Both "for 2t, 4t" and "for large size" are included in the set to store the pin when not in use. This prevents the pin from being dropped or lost while driving.

Handling dump parts for multiple dumps

Yamada Body Works handles dump parts for various dumps. The parts used vary depending on the size of the dump, such as 2t, 4t, and large size, as well as the type of dump.

For example, if you are using a detachable container for the loading platform,

  • arm key
  • arm bar
  • door stop
  • boomerang lock
  • ladder
  • Wheel

And so on, you need to choose the parts that are used in the container.

In addition, we have two types of watertight handle receptions, one made of stainless steel and the other made of iron. In addition, there are many types of lower hooks and lower shafts that are used in common dump trucks that are frequently used.

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