JB cab switch for Fuso large size (from May 2017) and medium size (from October 2019)

Depending on the type of switches in the cab, some of them are used frequently, so they may be damaged or malfunction. If the switch is damaged, the mechanism cannot be used, so replace it as soon as possible. In this category, we handle switches in the cab that fit Fuso's large (from 2017) and medium (from 2019).

Features and precautions of the switch in the cab

The cab switches handled in this category are compatible with Mitsubishi Fuso's large-sized "'17 Super Great" from 2017 and the medium-sized "Fighter" after a minor change from 2019. This type of switch is used by inserting it into the switch mounting opening of the driver's dashboard, etc.

When installing this in-cab switch, be sure to use the "Harness for in-cab switch JB-65-66 Fuso large (from May 2017) / medium (from October 2019) only". If you use a coupler type harness such as "4 wire harness for cab switch JB-503", there is almost no clearance on the back panel, so the coupler lock will not work and the harness will come off.

"Harness JB-65-66 for in-cab switch for Fuso large (from May 2017) and medium (from October 2019)" uses crimp terminals with locks, so it will not come off. However, please note that once attached to the switch, the crimp terminal cannot be removed.

Type of switch in cab

The cab switches handled by Yamada Body Works include ON-OFF contact wing, tailgate, work light, interior light, signboard light, road shoulder light, vehicle width light, vehicle height light, ON-OFF display switch, etc. increase. In addition, for the ON-ON contact, ON-ON for switching and ON-ON for step type are available. Please select according to the mechanism and specifications to be used.

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