Chassis U bolt for 4t

Chassis U-bolts are U-shaped bolts that vertically fix the chassis and the vertical joists that support the loading platform of a 4-ton vehicle (medium-sized vehicle). Comes with a double nut to prevent falling off due to vibration while driving.

Chassis U-bolts are essential parts

Chassis U-bolts are U-shaped bolts that connect the chassis (framework) of the vehicle and the vertical joist under the cargo bed. It is an indispensable part because it has the effect of fixing the vertical direction of the loading platform while driving and preventing accidents such as falling off.

Alignment is important when installing the chassis U-bolts. If the mounting position is not correct, the leaf spring fixing U-bolts and other structures under the cargo bed may interfere with the chassis U-bolts while driving, leading to wear and damage.

Pay attention to the car model and size when purchasing chassis U-bolts

Chassis U-bolts are not only for 4t vehicles, but also for 2t vehicles and large vehicles, and are compatible with various types of vehicles. Yamada Body Works offers a total of 12 types of U-bolts for 4t vehicles.

In addition, since the height of the chassis and vertical joist is different even in the same 4t vehicle, it is necessary to measure the dimensions of the vehicle you are using.

  • Inside dimension of chassis U-bolt = Chassis frame height + spacer height + vertical joist height + 40mm (dimension of washer and double nut)

Washers (sold separately) are also required to connect the vertical joists and chassis with chassis U-bolts.

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