Stainless steel tool box

The tool box for trucks is easy to use because it can be fixed under the bed of the truck. In addition, it is made of stainless steel, so it looks good and is resistant to rust.

Basic knowledge of stainless steel tool box

A stainless steel tool box for trucks can be fixed under the truck bed. By fixing it, you can use the space of the loading platform widely and effectively utilize the empty space under the loading platform. It also makes getting tools in and out easier. In addition, since tools do not roll while driving, damage to important luggage is prevented.

There are a wide range of sizes, from short types with a length of 30 cm to long types with a length of 90 cm, and you can choose from two types of shapes: rectangular and square.

There are two types of stainless steel materials: SUS304 and NSSC180. SUS304 is a standard stainless steel grade. Nickel is included, and it is characterized by being strong against rust and not sticking to magnets. NSSC180 is a stainless steel grade newly developed by a material manufacturer. Also called an intermediate steel grade, it does not contain nickel.

The price of nickel is skyrocketing due to supply shortages, etc. NSSC180, which does not contain nickel, is cheaper than SUS304. However, NSSC180 is slightly susceptible to rust, and if snow-melting agent adheres to it, it must be washed away immediately. NSSC180 also has a magnet.

When choosing a stainless steel tool box, pay attention to the opening and closing method of the door

When choosing a stainless steel tool box, pay attention to how the door opens and closes. There are four ways to open and close the door of the stainless steel tool box.

  • bottom opening type
  • slide open type
  • swing type
  • Horizontal opening type

The bottom opening type is the most standard door opening and closing method. The tool box door has a lock (catch) on the top and a hinge on the bottom, so that the door can be opened downward. There are many types of products, and you can choose the length, width, and material according to the specifications of the truck body. Since the door is designed to open downwards, there is a drawback that structures such as side bumpers will hit the door if it is within the turning radius of the door.

The slide open type and swing type open and close the door by sliding it along the tool box body. Since the door opens by putting it on the top of the tool box, even if there is a side bumper on the front side of the tool box like the bottom opening type, it will not get in the way. However, since the door opens upward, a space of about 100 mm above the tool box is required.

The side-opening type has hinges on the side of the tool box and the door opens to the front and side. Even in places where stays cannot be installed on the chassis due to the mounting space under the loading platform, it is possible to install it in such a way that it is hung from the horizontal joist by using a dedicated stay.

At Yamada Body Works, we have tool boxes of various types and materials depending on the size of the truck, the specification of the bed, and the region where it is used. Choose the best stainless steel tool box.

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