Various hooks

It is a category that summarizes hooks of various shapes such as "floor frame hooks", "floor hooks", "dump hooks", "D-shaped hooks", and "rope hooks" that are attached to the bed of trucks.

Types of truck hooks

A truck hook is a necessary part to fix the ropes and lashing belts that secure the cargo to the cargo bed. Since the shape of the hook differs depending on the part where the loading platform is attached, it is necessary to select a suitable shape.

"Floor frame hook" is a type of hook that is pulled out when opening a hole in the floor frame, and "floor hook" is a type of hook that can be attached directly to the floor of the cargo bed or to the horizontal joists. In addition, there are "dump hooks" exclusively for dump trucks, "D-shaped hooks" that have a D-shaped hook that rotates by hooking rubber, etc., and "rope hooks" that can be attached directly to the floor frame and wrapped around a rope. there is.

How to choose a truck hook

There are no particular installation standards for truck hooks, but they are important parts for firmly securing cargo, so it is necessary to choose a highly reliable one. Also, if the hook is loosely attached, the hook body may come off while driving.

In that case, not only damage to the luggage but also serious accidents may occur, so when choosing a hook, it is necessary to pay attention to the fixing method of the attachment part.

Yamada Body Works offers hooks with a wide variety of specifications according to the method of securing luggage.


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