Seiko rack

Seiko Rack is a brand of tilt opening and closing auxiliary device sold by Jidosha Seiko Co., Ltd. It has a sales record of 30 years and is used in a wide range of vehicles from small cars to trailers.

Easy to open and close tilt with Seiko rack

The Seiko Rack is a tilt opening and closing auxiliary device that uses the force of a spring to make opening and closing the tilt easier. By attaching it, it will slowly descend when you open the tilt, and when you close it, you will be able to avoid putting a lot of strain on your arms and lower back.

The tilt is very heavy, so if you open and close it without the tilt opening and closing assist device, you may pinch your hand or injure your lower back. Especially in recent years, the number of elderly drivers and female drivers is increasing, so the importance of tilt opening and closing assist devices such as Seiko racks is increasing.

There are two types of Seiko racks

Seiko racks can be selected from two types, SRC type and SRN700 type, depending on the size of the truck to be installed, body and tilt specifications.

The SRC type can be installed on a wide range of medium-sized vehicles to large trailers. The SRN700 type is a compact model that is ideal for small vehicles with limited installation space and low-floor vehicles.

There are three types of each type, "normal type", "thin type", and "ultra thin type", and it is possible to choose according to the specifications and overall width of the tilt. In addition, the material of the main body can be selected according to the application, such as iron, only the arm is made of stainless steel, and the entire stainless steel is highly rust-proof (except for the spring part).

The SRC type supports auxiliary springs and can be attached to heavy tilting. For the SRN700 type, there are two types of products exclusively for the flat body of the manufacturer's finished vehicle in the lineup. This product conforms to the tilt and body specifications of each manufacturer's flat body, so there is no need for troublesome model selection.

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