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"Working lamps" used for flat-body cargo beds are useful for outdoor work in the evening or at night. A bright LED type is popular because a dark working lamp can interfere with work.

What is a working lamp

A working lamp (work light) is a light used for flat-body loading platforms. When working outside the vehicle in the evening or at night, it is difficult to work in the dark, so a working lamp can be installed on the bed of the truck.

The working lamp is intended to be used while the vehicle is stopped, so it does not turn on while the vehicle is running. It is common for the power supply to be turned off while driving in conjunction with the handbrake, or to have a lamp interlocking with the switch in the cab that informs the driver of the lighting status.

Yamada Body Works sells various working lamps, and there are two types of light sources: "LED" and "halogen bulb".

Type of working lamp

LEDs that use less power and shine brightly are popular, and brightness is expressed in units called "lumens." Lumen is the amount of light emitted from the LED called "luminous flux", and the higher the number, the brighter it is.

"LED" and "halogen bulb" have different light properties. The light of "LED" is highly directional and illuminates straight. This means that the area where the LED light source is pointing is bright, but the surrounding area is dark. However, in recent years, working lamps have been developed in which the lens is devised and the light of the "LED" can be diffused to brighten the surroundings. Conversely, "halogen bulbs" are good at illuminating the surroundings brightly.

Based on these characteristics, it is possible to use different types depending on the application, but considering the performance improvement of LED work lamps in recent years, we recommend the LED type.

The LED working lamps handled by Yamada Body Works have a notation such as "DC12/24/48V common". This represents the corresponding power supply voltage, and there are products that can handle up to 12V for the current Fuso Canter, 24V for standard trucks, and 48V for forklifts. Please select according to the power supply voltage of the vehicle to be installed.

Since working lamps are generally used outdoors, waterproof performance is also important. The notation "IP67" indicates that it is equipped with dustproof and waterproof performance. Therefore, "IP67" is also suitable for installation on flat-body cargo beds that are exposed to rain.

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