number lamp

A number lamp is a light that illuminates the number plate behind you. If the number lamp does not light up properly, it is necessary to carry out proper maintenance.

Laws related to number lamps

A number lamp, also called a number light, is the light that illuminates the license plate behind the vehicle. Vehicles, not just trucks, are required to have license plate lights. If the light does not turn on due to a burnt out bulb, etc., it is considered a maintenance failure, so please check the lighting regularly and perform maintenance as necessary.

Various standards are set by law for number lamps, and it is stipulated that the color of the light must be "white" and the number of the license plate must be visible from a distance of 20m behind the vehicle at night. There are also other standards such as not flashing (turning on and off like a turn signal) and the light of the license plate lamp must not interfere with other traffic.

In addition, vehicles newly registered (including second-hand and new) after September 15, 2020 (postponed from June 15, 2020) are required to be equipped with license plate lamps that meet the ECE R-4 standard. . Yamada Body Works offers LED number lamps that have acquired ECE standard certification. When installing on a vehicle, please observe the position and angle of incidence specified when obtaining ECE standard certification. For details, please refer to the category of "Number stay related parts for vehicle inspection".

Number lamp type

Yamada Body Works sells LED number lamps and LED number lamp connection harnesses (wiring) for connecting lamps to vehicles.

The connector (connection part) of the harness is waterproof, so it can be directly connected to the LED number lamp used outside the vehicle. Hino's large (Profia) and medium-sized (Ranger) vehicles, which were fully remodeled in 2017, have problems with the daylights under the headlamps when LED number lamps and LED tail lamps are installed at the same time. In addition, the Mitsubishi Fuso compact car (Canter), which was fully remodeled in 2010, has a warning light that lights up with the installation of an LED number lamp. In order to avoid these symptoms, it is necessary to insert a resistance into the wiring, but if you use the "Tyco metal clad LED number lamp resistor", you can easily connect the resistance to the connector.

We also sell incandescent lamps (light bulbs) number lamps that are compatible with each manufacturer, such as "For Isuzu", "For Fuso", and "Genuine Hino models". These number lamps are not ECE standard certified products, so they can be used as repairs.

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