KAYABA HANIL PRECISION gas spring/gas damper

Gas springs and gas dampers are used in the rear flip-up doors of trucks. In recent years, due to the spread of mobile sales vehicles and kitchen cars, it is also used for side flip-up doors. Since gas springs and gas dampers are consumables, their repulsive force weakens and they need to be replaced depending on the frequency of use and the environment of use (use at high temperatures or extreme low temperatures that tend to shorten their lifespan).

Gas springs and gas dampers essential for truck doors

A gas damper/gas spring is a device that assists the opening and closing of the door by the pressure of the gas contained in the cylinder. Since high-pressure gas is sealed inside, the structure is simpler, cheaper, smaller, and lighter than the hydraulic type.

It also does not require a power supply to operate and does not require regular maintenance. However, since it is a consumable item, it must be replaced. Especially in the case of large trucks with large flip-up doors, it can be said that installation is essential not only for work efficiency but also for safety.

How to choose gas springs and gas dampers

The truck body industry has mainly used Tokico gas springs. However, production of Tokico's products ended in August 2019. In the industry, the situation was such that gas springs could not be obtained even if they wanted to replace them at the end of their service life.

Yamada Body Works handles Kayaba gas springs and gas dampers. We have Kayaba products that are compatible with Tokico, which has been mainly used for flip-up doors in the truck body industry.

When selecting a product, please use the stock number (4-digit code starting with Y of Y○○○○) written on the tip of the Tokico gas spring tube (black cylindrical part) to be replaced. Try searching on our site. Any compatible Kayaba products will be displayed on the site.

Yamada Body Works handles gas springs for repair and replacement purposes. Please note that we do not support consultations for new installations.

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