Tilt-related parts

Tilt parts are parts that are attached around the tilt that surrounds the truck bed, such as flat bodies and wing bodies. There are many types of tilt parts, and each plays an important role.

What kind of tilting parts are on sale?

Yamada Body Works sells various parts around tilting. The main tilting parts are as follows.

  • "Hinges for aluminum blocks" are parts that support the aluminum tilt and allow it to be opened and closed.
  • "Wing Lock" to lock the wings when closed
  • "Shrimp Gold Handle / Spring Can" "Aori Handle" for locking when the tilt is closed
  • A "rope thread" that serves as a frame for making a hole in the tilt and passing the rope through
  • "Seiko Rack", "Tilt Balancer", "Power Rack", etc. to assist the opening and closing of heavy tilting

We have multiple sizes and shapes of parts for each part to fit many trucks.

When should tilting parts be used?

In order to improve the usability of the truck bed, we will install a rope through the tilt and a tilt opening and closing auxiliary device. Aluminum block hinges, shrimp gold handles/spring cans, and tilt handles are also used when customizing the tilt, such as exchanging the genuine tilt to an aluminum block.

Hinges and shrimp gold handles are sometimes changed from iron to stainless steel for reasons such as wanting to look better or to be more resistant to rust.

In addition, tilt parts are used as replacement parts because they may be damaged in an accident or deteriorate in the process of use. Repeated opening and closing of the tilt will wear out the hinges and lock parts and weaken the springs, so if it deteriorates, it will need to be replaced regularly. Parts that have been deformed by external force and parts that have stopped functioning properly due to corrosion due to rust must also be replaced.


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