Tilt 受金

The tilt receiver is a receiver for fixing the tilt with a tilt handle or spring hook, and is also called a latch receiver. There are various shapes of tilt receivers according to the size of the truck, the specifications of the tilt, the side or rear, and the thickness of the tilt handle.

Role of Aori Receipt

The tilting of the truck is fixed to the frame (cargo bed) of the truck with spring hooks and handles through tilting receivers. For example, when transporting heavy loads such as industrial waste trucks, or when installing and pulling lashing rails, etc., a large amount of force is applied to the tilt.

The tilt receiver, which is an important part that supports the tilt, must withstand such an excessive load, so if the tilt is loosened due to aging or wear, it must be replaced.

Type of Aori Receipt

Since there are various types and thicknesses of tilting and tilting handles, there are also many types of tilting receivers to match them. Yamada Body Works sells various types with different shapes, materials, and corresponding handle thicknesses, so it is possible to select a tilt receiver that suits each truck.

The shape of the outer groove type tilt is flat, and the middle groove type tilt has a step, and there are many sizes available, so it can be matched with most tilts. There are iron and stainless steel materials, so you can choose according to your purpose and purpose, such as choosing iron if you value low cost and practicality, and stainless steel if you value appearance, rust prevention, and durability.

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