high pressure gas sign

When transporting high-pressure gas by a vehicle such as a tank truck, a sign must be installed in an easily visible place. High-pressure gas signboards are strictly regulated in terms of size and color scheme, but various types are available as long as they do not exceed the standards.

Criteria for installing high pressure gas signs

Detailed standards have been established for high-pressure gas signs to warn other vehicles of danger and prevent accidents. According to "General High Pressure Gas Safety Ordinance Related Example Standards 1-4-1, 2", the width must be 30% or more of the vehicle width and the vertical width must be 20% or more of the horizontal dimension. In the case of a square, the area must be 600cm2 or more.

Specifically, the criteria are as follows.

  • Small vehicles (1.70 m or less in width) High-pressure gas sign size: 110 x 510 mm
  • Large vehicles (vehicle width less than 1.98m) High-pressure gas sign size: 120 x 600mm
  • More than that (vehicle width 1.98 m or more) High pressure gas sign size: 150 x 750 mm
  • All vehicles・・・・・・・High pressure gas sign Size: 300×300mm

In addition, the letters are fluorescent yellow and the background is black, so it must always be easy to see. Signs that are constantly exposed to rain and wind may deteriorate and become difficult to see, so replace them as soon as you find a problem.

Types of high pressure gas signs

The installation of high-pressure gas signs is exempted from the transportation of some gases if the container has an internal volume of 25 liters or less and the total volume is 50 liters or less. However, other than that, you basically have to install a sign even for one transport.

There are two types of high-pressure gas signs, iron "signboard type" and "sticker type". Also, due to size standards, there are many horizontal type signs, but there are also square signs. Consider the size and standards of the vehicle to be installed.

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