JB tail lamp

Tail lamps made by JB (Nippon Body Parts Industry) are in the era of incandescent tail lamps, "JB round skyline tail lamp (JB round tail)" and "JB square large tail lamp (JB square tail)" are used in many trucks running in the city. It was used, and the design was so famous that you could tell it was made by JB just by looking at it. Even now in the era of LED tails, the brand power has been inherited, and the "JB round LED tail lamp" and "JB square LED tail lamp" are still alive.

Related parts indispensable for tail lamps made by JB

A harness is required in addition to the main body to install the tail lamp. A harness is a cable necessary to operate the tail lamp, and there are extension harnesses and harnesses for JB tail lamps. A connector is attached to the tip of the harness, and connection is possible without difficult wiring work.

There are different types of harnesses depending on the vehicle manufacturer and vehicle model, and the shape of the connector also differs.

A new standard for tail lamps made by JB

The JB tail lamps handled by Yamada Body Works include "old, new, modified, 2006 vehicle inspection type, and 2012 vehicle inspection type".

However, due to the revision of road transportation vehicle safety standards, only "2012 vehicle inspection type" can be installed on vehicles newly registered (including second-hand new) after January 1, 2012. The feature of the 2012 vehicle inspection type tail lamp is that it is all E-marked (ECE standard certified product).

Of course, for vehicles registered before that, there is no problem in purchasing and installing other JB tail lamps as long as they continue to be inspected after the first year registration. However, some older tail lamps have been discontinued, so if you wish to purchase one, please contact us to check stock.

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