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An airline rail is a rail that fixes a lashing belt dedicated to airline rails. Cargo can be transported safely by installing it on the bed of the truck.

What is an airline rail?

Airline rails are products made of duralumin developed by American company Ankura for fixing aircraft seats. Deralumin is an aluminum alloy made by mixing aluminum with copper and magnesium. Currently, All Safe Co., Ltd. (formerly Ankura Japan Co., Ltd.) sells airline rails and related products as a distributor.

Airline rails are characterized by their extremely light weight and strength. The lashing point can be taken at a very fine pitch of 25.4mm. The rail groove is shallow, so cleaning is easy. Taking advantage of these characteristics, it is currently used in wing trucks, food trucks, refrigerator trucks, etc. In addition, taking advantage of its track record as an aircraft seat fixing application, it is also used in welfare vehicles for fixing wheelchairs.

There are three types of airline rails handled by Yamada Body Works, each with a different weight.

  • for weight
  • medium dose
  • for lightweight

We also handle embedded type airline rails for heavy duty applications. In truck cargo transportation, it is mainly installed on the floor frame part of the floor, and it is used according to the shape of the cargo by taking advantage of the fine fixing position of 25.4 mm.

Use accessory parts for airline rails

Airline rails require terminal fittings, which are one-piece pieces of lashing belts called fittings. There are dedicated lashing belts with fittings, but by using fittings you can also use lashing belts with cross hooks, open hooks, and narrow hooks.

Yamada Body Works offers single stud fittings that are installed at one lashing point, stronger double stud fittings (with rings) that stop at two points, and quattro stud fittings that stop at the strongest four points. increase. These fittings can be used with general cross hooks, open hooks, and narrow hook lashing belts (single studs are limited to open hooks only).

In addition, since the airline rail is metal, if it is installed at the delivery entrance with it exposed, there is a risk of injury to people and cargo. In such cases, use an airline rail end cap made of resin. There is also an airline rail cover that prevents dirt and dust from entering when the airline rail is not in use, and prevents people and cargo from getting caught. Select accessories according to the installation and usage conditions.

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