About credit sales

* If you wish to make a credit sale on the premise of continuous transactions, you can make a credit sale by applying to Paid.

◆ When paying by credit settlement (Paid)

If you are a corporation or sole proprietor (who has a store name) and wish to continue transactions, you can make a credit settlement (Paid).

What is Paid? : Paid is a "credit settlement service for corporate or sole proprietorship customers" provided by the listed company "Raccoon Co., Ltd." Customers who fall under the following can use this payment service from the monthly usage limit of 300,000 yen (tax included).

■ Terms of use for credit settlement (Paid)

  • 〇Corporate or sole proprietor (person with a store name)
  • 〇For Yamada Bodyworks members
  • 〇 Those who have registered "company name", "person in charge", "address", "phone number", "email address (PC email only)"
  • 〇 Those who have completed registration of Paid members

■ Pre-registration is required for credit settlement (Paid). Please register from the following.

For customers considering purchasing Paid

■ Notes on terms of use for credit settlement (Paid)

  • * Depending on the pre-registration examination result, this payment may not be available.
  • * Please use a non-mobile email address when registering.
  • * Paid pre-registration can be done by applying once before the first transaction.
  • * If Paid is selected and the sale is successful, the price (including expenses) receivables will be transferred to "Raccoon Co., Ltd." at the same time as the order is placed. For details, please check the terms of use from the URL below.
    ◆ Paid Terms of Service: http://paid.jp/v/contents/pre/guide/rules.jsp
  • * Please select Paid when making a payment on the Yamada Bodyworks official website.

◆ About product cancellation / return


Other questions here please contact.

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